My Technical Documents

Brief Introduction:

This section is going to contain papers on information technology (mostly: Oracle, Linux and Smartphone) and my new hobby: bread-making.

All the documents about information technology are going to be in English.

In the next few weeks I’m going to import my old papers on Oracle on Suse from the old location.

I hope to be able to write some new HowTo but it’s been a long time since my last paper… and I do not have test servers like years ago. sad

For bread-making the papers are meant to be written in Italian and are going to be a little more than notes in order to replicate successful experiments. Visit Fabbro fornaio blog at!!

What about my last several years?

I received e-mails on my last several years… since I stopped to write and contribute.

Unfortunately I signed tons of nondisclosure agreements… and I don’t want to lose my security clearances.

Now I’m a little bit more free to share. I’m veering toward cloud engineering and I’m less involved with databases and oracle in particular.

My idea is to share here what I’m learning and my struggle with cloud technologies.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to contribute as much as I used to but let’s try.

On my linkedin profile there is a glimp of what I did. It was fun, it was exciting… it was risky… now it is time to try something new… and maybe more daring.

With friends and ex-colleagues we embarked for a new adventure.

I hope it is going to be fun and lucrative. wink

As long as our product is ready I’m free for hiring. If you need a project manager and BI specialist… make me know!

And now the documents.